About Modus Krea

Is it a site, a blog, a platform? Call it whatever you want. Modus Krea is a modest attempt at creating a space for reflection mainly on film and photography. This is done on an amateur/enthusiast level and with a highly subjective approach. At the heart of Modus Krea lies an interest in limited resource filmmaking and photography, with an ambition to highlight work done by creators operating as one-man-bands or in very small crews.

Modus Krea will host little photo exhibitions and serve as a home-base for film, photography and other forms of visual production by the individuals running the platform and others that become part of the Modus community (that is, if Modus Krea ever evolves into being something looking like a community).

The site’s curated Inspiration section is dedicated to the work of creators outside Modus Krea. Here you’ll find bits and pieces that we find inspiring and that in some cases relate to the filmmaking and photography craft with the minimalist approach in mind. Examples of what you might find are links to professional photo exhibitions, short films, how-to videos and other useful tips, articles and sometimes even gear related stuff. Simply put, these are things that we think are worth taking a look at!

If you want to read a bit more about the purpose and drive behind Modus Krea, you can check out the post The Beginning of Something.

“There’s No Business Like No Business”

Everything we do with Modus Krea is strictly non-commercial and we don’t monetize. We will not offer any payment should you want to present your work here. If you want to purchase, say a photography you have found on this site, an agreement has to be made between you and the creator of the work. Modus Krea can help in forwarding requests to our contributors.

And as with any use of © copyrighted material owned by someone other than yourself, you are expected to stick to good practice crediting the creator if using any of the original material you find here. Please use the contact form if you have any questions or requests.

Discussion, Interaction and Community

The aim is to use both blog posts and certain pages (like exhibition or cinema pages) as platforms for discussion. Don’t hesitate to comment and discuss a photo exhibition, a video or a piece of text that inspires you.

Want to contribute to the discussions? Super! But before you fire away, please read the Modus Kodex below so you know what’s expected of you :)

Modus Kodex

The idea of Modus Krea rests on a fundamental sense of positiveness. This should be a place that celebrates the beauty in art and the craftsmanship of photography and filmmaking. The aim is to encourage reflection and action, and to maintain a positive and inspiring vibe that (hopefully) transfers something that is further carried by individuals like yourself.

So, please don’t bother sharing any of your thoughts or opinions here if you’re only looking to spread negativity. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and simply throwing shit at other individuals.

Here are a few points that describe what is expected of you when writing on Modus Krea:

  • You are friendly and supportive.
  • If you criticize you do so in a constructive manner.
  • You are not condescending or abusive.

Mobile first? Nah…

Finally, this site was not put together with “mobile first” in mind – hence it might look like a mess on a mobile device. You are hereby encouranged to experience Modus Krea on a computer as it will most likely (yes, most likely) provide a more pleasant experiece. If nothing else, using the computer will give you some time off from that attention demanding piece of magic that you carry in your pocket or purse all day. What a treat, right?!

Want to get in contact?

Please fill out the contact form and send it our way if you want to reach out.

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