by Thomas Jansson

Short film
Running time: 5 minutes

Difference/Indifference is a five-minute reflection and comment on solidarity in the COVID-19 pandemic. The narrative portrays the ever-ready and committed nurse who continues to serve her community in the midst of the overwhelming challenges she and her colleagues across the globe are facing. And while part of the world outside “the room” are aware of the unsustainable situation in the hospitals, they don’t seem ready to do their share to help society recover more quickly. In spite of this, our nurse will still be there to help them should they need a respirator to survive themselves in the end.

As the film’s subtitle suggests, Difference/Indifference is about togetherness – not only in a bigger, societal perspective, but also in regards to the relation between nurse and patient. There is something intrinsically humane and beautiful to find in the commitment there, and therefore also important to portray.

The film also seeks to tell a parallel story about the fate of the patient. Not knowing if he will live to ever see the sky again, he is isolated from his family and totally dependent on the care that doctors and nurses have the means and strength to provide. Perhaps this guy was lucky to be offered a place in the ICU while hospital beds and staff were available, whereas others might have been rejected at the hospital entrance?

One of the main purposes of creating Difference/Indifference is to honor the nurses and doctors who have fought to save lives during the pandemic – sometimes even sacrificing their own health and lives while trying to help others. This film is merely a modest and humble way of saying “Thank You!” for their efforts.

As you will see, the story is not presented in the form of an authentic style narrative – it has a poetic approach and symbolic nature. It contains no dialogue but is narrated.

– Finalist Best COVID-19 Film –
Sweden Film Awards

– Finalist Drama Shorts –
The Quarantini Monthly Film Festival

– Semi-Finalist COVID-19 Special Film –
Luleå International Film Festival, Sweden

Best Writer Semi-Finalist
Couch Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

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