This section is dedicated to presenting inspiring and useful work by professionals and other creators outside Modus Krea. The content is curated on an irregular basis and will change continually.

Jamie Windsor gives us an interesting and thoughtful analysis of Todd Hido’s work. Don’t forget to also check out Windsor’s YouTube channel.

You Will Survive Doomsday – Don’t miss out on this beautiful short documentary by Kyle McDougall.

Mastering focus in action is a central piece in the craft of shooting video. In this video director and cinematographer Mark Bone shares four useful quick tips that will help you get on the path to better manual focus control. For other inspirational videos, visit Mark Bone’s website to see some of his work.

In this video, the great wildlife photographer Nick Brandt shares the underlying idea behind his work “Inherit the Dust”. Make sure to visit the phenomenal exhibition here.

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