We’re Going Live!

Hi there! Very pleased to see you here, and quite excited to finally open the doors to Modus Krea – a modest platform for creativity in the form of photography and independent filmmaking. If you want to read more about the idea behind Modus Krea you might want to read the post The Beginning of Something.

And by the way: you’ll probably get the best experience of Modus Krea on a computer. Just saying.

New Short Film + Micro-Exhibition Triple

With the launch of the site comes the premiere of a short film and a set of three tiny photo exhibitions. Here are a few words on what to expect:

The Short Film

Difference/Indifference is a five-minute reflection on solidarity in the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a narrative in a sort of symbolic setting where we are invited to follow a nurse at work while a narrator puts the situation in a wider context that takes us outside the rugged room where the story unfolds.

Find the film on the start page or in the Cinema section.

The Exhibitions

In his first exhibitions here on Modus Krea, photographer Mattias Wigforss explores three different themes. The first one takes us to quiet Mediterranean streets where Mattias shares his experience through his Nikon F2. The second and third set of photographs are both caught through the lenses of medium format cameras, and gives us glimpses the north and south of Sweden. Armed with an old Hasselblad and a Lee Big Stopper ND filter, our photographer has captured the wild forces of Ristafallet and Tännforsen, wheras the Mamiya is the camera of choice in the automobile exhibition Auto Relics.

Mattias will discuss the exhibitions furter in future posts, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates!

Well, this is where it all starts for Modus Krea! Thanks for reading.